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I love unscripted moments that cannot be planned. Those images will be honored by those in the frame as well as those looking at that frame for years to come. May you find those moments and images here. 


Welcome to the Love Be blog, a journal about life, travel, weddings, family and love. We are Brittany and Ryane of Love Be Photography located in Birmingham, AL but traveling throughout the Southeast often. Stay a while, take a look around and say hello! 


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Letting Love Be in 2019


January 1, 2020

I’m taking a look back at all the best candid moments from all of our Love Be 2019 weddings. From quiet moments full of emotion to breaking in down on the dance floor, every one of these images bring a flood of memories from each day I was lucky enough to be invited to document. These are the unscripted moments that I hope my clients treasure for years to come… images that show you what it felt like to be there. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

I arrived on Kat’s wedding day and her mom pulled out a portrait of Kat that MY mom had drawn when she was a child. This was the third wedding on the groom’s side of the family and when I was greeted with this touch to the bride’s family… well, needless to say this wedding day was extra sentimental.

I call this series of photos Moms and Daughters Being Cute alternate title…
When it starts to sink in that today is THE day.

Best photobombs ever or when your dog really just wants to be a part of the festivities 😉

If you want to know, this turtle was later passed off to the groom as groomsmen walked in the ceremony. No turtles were harmed in this prank but there was one very stressed out photographer and officiant.

“Adult in training”

Nothing like Super Smash Bros to start your wedding day off right.

A tradition I think every family should do on a wedding day if you’re emotionally up for it. Go through photos from your daughter’s childhood on her wedding day with family and friends.


Daddys and their daughters… they get me every. dang. time. 

I love not just the first looks with brides but really it’s the moments after. The twirls and hugs and gushing that happens when the weight of this moment they’ve dreamed for forever starts to sink in. 

Post tear touch-ups and pre-portrait lip touch ups are some of my favorite little moments of care to capture.

Sweet Kirby and her mom, shown below, told me about this piece of art Kirby’s grandmother painted hanging in her childhood home. The same home that she got ready in on her wedding day. They didn’t ask for it but as soon as they pointed it out I envisioned capturing this photo for them. A photo special to only those who know the story are the most special photos for sure. 

There are so many people that help plan, set up, create the beauty seen on wedding days. The people helping mow grass, set up signs, coordinate parking and a million on things for Betsy and Stephen’s wedding were her aunt and uncle who happened to own an event venue. I couldn’t help but document their hard work all morning before they showered and dressed up to be guests. 

Brides on the move…

Best quote ever from sweet bride, Kim, pictured above, “I can’t stop smiling”

I love a classic portrait.

First look feels. Also, who says you can’t have a first look with your dog?? 

I always give my couples a few minutes to themselves right after they see each other.

As I walked back up to Kasey and Will, I caught this shot of Will with whiskey in hand getting another look at his bride.  

Showing off her newly pierced ears 🙂

When Birmingham is a small town and you have a mini-reunion on the street!

putting the party in bridal party…

Family portraits… a series.

A lot of faces behind the camera to get smiles but I know these outtakes are the ones that will be in there rehearsal dinner slide show one day!

Parents never stop embarrassing or laughing (with) you… even on your wedding day 😉

^ Turtle encore

My favorite moment to capture on wedding days… the last look between and father and his daughter.

This moment below happened at 4 of my weddings this year and I’m so glad brides just laughed it off each time!

The just married joy bomb.

I don’t know this grandfather below but I can tell he is a good one. I watched him all night meet kids where they were and it was the most beautiful love to witness and document. From tag to sitting on a rock chatting, it appeared every grandkid felt so loved and seen by him. In reception photos you’ll see him playing tag with dance floor props and then later rocking a sleeping toddler. 

Adoptable puppies at cocktail hour… best cocktail hour ever.

Always follow the kids… they tend to make their own world of fun.

In the south when there is a fall wedding there is always someone watching football.

Prepare yourself for dance floor goodness

People who saw a camera and nailed it.

That time santa showed up…

Vignettes from a good night.

People who nailed the ‘late night snack’ and guests who really appreciated them…

I love find moments when couples are totally stress-free on the dance floor.

Sometimes they almost can’t take in that all their favorite people are dancing beside them.

Sweet moments on the dance floor… 

Epic moments and moves on the dance floor…

That time the priest from the ceremony came to the reception and led the crowd in Gangnam style…

Always look back…


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