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I love unscripted moments that cannot be planned. Those images will be honored by those in the frame as well as those looking at that frame for years to come. May you find those moments and images here. 


Welcome to the Love Be blog, a journal about life, travel, weddings, family and love. We are Brittany and Ryane of Love Be Photography located in Birmingham, AL but traveling throughout the Southeast often. Stay a while, take a look around and say hello! 


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The Club Classic Birmingham Wedding


October 30, 2018

She says he is thoughtful, man of high character, intentional, selfless and he says she is cheerful, inspiring, compassionate. 

There is nothing better than a The Club classic Birmingham wedding and Cliff and Megan’s wedding day could not have been more timeless and romantic. Cliff and Megan were set up on a date and the rest is history. Their first date was at Taco Mama in Crestline and from the first date, their love for each other (and queso) grew. Their love for each seems to always be full of giggles and big grins. It’s clear that they bring out the best in each other and love so big.

We stressed a little leading up to the wedding day about rain trying to ruin the fun, but it ended up being a perfectly cool, cloudy day! The Invision Events team did such a good job coordinating with Prophouse Birmingham to create an aesthetic that paired and showed off their classic style. Megan and Cliff’s choice of long black bridesmaids dresses and black tuxes will never go out of style and that look to me never gets old!

They got married at Trinity United Methodist Church and celebrated at The Club. Cliff loves ice cream as much as me (which is hard to admit) so I loved that they had Big Spoon cart at their reception. I’m biased to their band, The Second Coming, as it was also my own wedding band! They always keep everyone on the dance floor all night long. It ended up raining during their reception, but I was determined to capture the magic (and luck) of the rain on their wedding day. Megan and Cliff were willing to run outside with me for a minute in the rain so I could capture the photo above. I’m so thankful they were up for it because to me it shows the magic of their love and their perfect wedding day!

I’ll leave you with their proposal story because it’s epic. One morning, Cliff and Megan went to church together. After church, Cliff, Megan, and Cliff’s sister Courtney planned to meet at Taco Mama in Homewood for lunch. Megan, was confused but went along. Once they arrive at Taco Mama it was only Courtney and Megan, they began to chat, and Courtney let Megan know that Cliff was stuck in traffic. They ordered their lunch and about half way through lunch Courtney hands Megan a letter from Cliff. Suddenly Megan knew she was going on a fun adventure and she had to give my keys to Courtney and enjoy the day. From Taco Mama, Courtney and Megan drove around, and went to IZ cafe in Vestavia. There, one of Megan’s bible study girls was there to greet her and also had a letter. They prayed together and talked, and she was assigned to take Megan to the next landmark. The next stop was Jemison Park, a place full of memories of many great conversations while walking and talking. At Jemison Park, Megan’s roommate Summer was there to greet them and also had a letter to give to Megan from Cliff. Summer took her to the next spot, which was Western Supermarket. Being an ice cream loving couple, part of their routine was Megan and Cliff going to Western to get Halo Top ice cream after a dinner date night. There in the ice cream isle was her friend Katie waiting on them with another letter. Megan has worked at JCrew for 14+ years and the staff has become part of her life and family, so this was naturally one of her stops. Her JCrew family greeted her with excitement, and they told her that they had clothes for her to try on. When checking on another customer in the dressing room, out popped one of Megan’s best friends Mamie who lives in LaGrange, GA. They screamed and scared the entire JCrew store of customers and she also had a letter from Cliff. Once dressed, Mamie drove Megan to downtown Homewood where Megan’s best friend and husband from Houston, TX greeted them in the best way and that is when she lost it. They drove her to her house and dropped Megan off. She walked to the front door and Cliff was there greeting her and he took her hand and walked her to the backyard. He had decorated the backyard with candles, pictures of them from all phases of their relationship, a bible with her new name on it. Cliff said many sweet words and then got on one knee and proposed. After some time to themselves, they celebrated with family and friends by enjoying Taco Mama, of course. The letters were a big part of the proposal. From the beginning their relationship, every time one of them traveled they would give each other a card to open each day they were away from each other. These letters during their engagement are a treasured part and a memento that continues to be one of their lasting traditions.

Planner: Courtney Wolf Dress: The White RoomDesigner: Lea Ann BelterBride Shoes: Sacha LondonHair: Jill Rodriguez MU: Brooke Warren Grooms Attire: Mr. Burch Formal WearFlorist: Sarah Peinhardt Invitation: Empress StationaryDJ/Entertainment:Ascension BandCake: Sweet Magnolia Jewelry: Gottlieb and Sons and The White RoomCaterer: The ClubRentals/Linens: Prophouse Transportation: Antique Trolley Transportation 

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