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5 Reasons Why I Invested in Wedding Videography


June 14, 2018


Video by The Film Poets 

Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary and do you know how I was woken up this morning? I was woken up by my husband playing our wedding video through our bluetooth speakers. You read reflections on three years of marriage here and see some of my favorite photos from my own wedding day. Seeing how my day started on this year’s anniversary and how much our video is watched throughout the year, I want to share why wedding videography was a priority for me and my own wedding 4 years ago. Wedding planning requires a lot of decision making and most of that decision making is based off of a bride’s order of priorities. My wedding planning process looked a little different than most. I had been photographing weddings for two years before I was engaged and planning my own southern wedding. That meant that I had the huge advantage of walking alongside couples for two whole years before I even had to think about making decisions for my own wedding. Witnessing these weddings gave me insight into what was a priority to me and what investments I wanted to make. When setting the budget for my wedding, videography was at the top of the list and something my husband and I saved and searched long and hard for. Why did I make it a priority in my budget and when planning my wedding? Check out these five reasons to invest in videography for my own wedding and how that lead to me offering wedding videography for my clients now.

  1. Video Captures What Photos Cannot

While photography preserved moments and emotions of the day in one still image, videography captures the movement and rhythm of a wedding day in a way photos cannot. This is the biggest reason why I now offer videography for my clients. I started my videography career in the non-profit world, doing video work for churches and other humanitarian organizations. When I would switch gears to a wedding day where I was doing only photography, I found myself wishing there was a videographer to capture what I was seeing that only a moving picture could portray. Throughout our own wedding video, it’s those small movements and moments that I truly cherish. Like when my husband bent his knees and settled his shoulders of nerves just before I walked out for our first look, or when my soon to be father-in-law’s lip quivered as I walked down the aisle, and my dad counting “one, two, three, one two three” as we attempted to waltz for our father-daughter dance. As each of these shots appear, I am instantly pulled back to those precious moments.

  1. Captured Voices of Those You Love

Many of my couples tell me that one of the things they are most excited about for their wedding day is being surrounded by everyone they love. It is so powerful to have recordings of speeches, homilies, and toasts that express that love. These voices serve as such a memory  for years to come. Which leads me to number three…

  1. Legacy and Memories on Demand

Our friends and family can tell you that easily one of my husband’s most prized possessions is our wedding video. Four years later, he still random pulls up our wedding video for strangers, new friends and old friends on a regular basis. He loves showing it off and rewatching it and I truly think that is because it shows the magic and beauty of our wedding day so perfectly. For the close friends of ours that we didn’t know when we got married, this video shows them the start of our marriage, and I hope that for future family it shows the legacy of our marriage. To me, there is no better picture into our love or legacy we can leave.

  1. Storytelling in the Most Beautiful Form

We tell everyone we know that we stumbled upon and booked easily the most talented videographers I’ve ever known, The Film Poets. One of the things that they do so well, and what drew us to their work, was their ability to tell your unique story of your wedding day. Their name was inspired by the ability to poetically weave videos together in a powerful and intentional way. It wasn’t just music set to an upbeat love song, it was a unique mini movie of the feelings, emotions, and actions of our wedding day. They continually inspire and challenge me to produce video work that tells the unique stories of my couples as well.

  1. Small Investment with Big Return

I have found many brides leave video at the bottom of their list or it is something that gets left to the last drop of the budget. Let me tell you, of all the things you will invest in for your wedding, a wedding video matters and a wedding video lasts. After the flowers, cake, favors, fans, and gifts, a wedding video is a visual recap for years to come of your special day. I know first hand how frustrating it is to hear the wedding world telling you it all matters and then looking at your spreadsheet and seeing it’s all expensive. I don’t know what budget you have, but I do know that planning is simply about choices and priorities and I believe that wedding videography is too precious of a legacy and too small of an investment to not make it a priority.



Photography by Spindle Photography

Here is what I am sure of…. We won’t just watch this video every year on our anniversary; it is what will get pulled up on our apple tv on a random Tuesday 😉 I know that when life gets hard and marriage is tough, this is what we play to pull our hearts back to what matters. And I know that one day years from now I will walk in on my husband randomly showing our children this video, and I pray it will be something they too will want to watch time and time again. I’m so thankful to have this video at the tip of our fingertips to show our friends, our family and our future family a glimpse into our wedding, our love, and our marriage.  


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