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Welcome to the Love Be blog, a journal about life, travel, weddings, family and love. We are Brittany and Ryane of Love Be Photography located in Birmingham, AL but traveling throughout the Southeast often. Stay a while, take a look around and say hello! 


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Best of 2017 Black and White Film


April 19, 2018

Film is a new medium for me. In June of 2017, I decided to try and take one roll of black and white film at each wedding to ease my way into practicing shooting film. I didn’t tell my clients about. Sometimes I forgot to order film and didn’t happen. Sometimes I accidentally exposed the whole roll and ruined it. It wasn’t perfect and neither was I. No one was expecting them, so it created a no pressure atmosphere for me to test the waters. I think starting to shoot film this way lead to preserving some truly beautiful moments that I’ve, for the most part, kept to myself and each client. It is no secret that I love black and white images and the timeless way they show emotions and moments, but to me film adds this extra grit and movement to each image. After almost a year of practice, I’ll now be offering black and white film as an add on to my packages for my clients! With that announcement, I’d like to finally share some of these film images with you. I hope you feel drawn into each moment as much as I do when I look back at them.

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  1. Nick

    April 29th, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    Amazing! I love the b&w photos. Nothing beats the depth of a film exposure!

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