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Five Best Places to get Holiday Pajamas!

Studio Session

November 2, 2017

Each year for my annual studio pajama mini sessions, I have clients ask me for recommendations for Holiday pajamas. Easily my favorite part of answering this question is the research involved – aka looking up adorable holiday themed onesies and pjs. Does it get any cuter than that?!

I also love encouraging clients to opt for this non-traditional way of capturing their family. Here in the south, everyone loves a good Christmas card. It’s basically a part of our Holiday traditions but that doesn’t mean these annual photos have to be forced and formal. I love the pajama mini sessions because it lets kids be kids and they allow me, the photographer, to capture the entirety of their personality totally unfiltered.

To see available time slots and for more information on price and what is included, click here .



Most families opt for a ‘kids only’ shoot (but I’m dying to have some parents jump all in with a full family matching pj session). The beauty of this session is there are none of the following:

  • No ‘smile at the camera’
  • No stressed parents
  • No forced poses
  • No tears
  • No fuss



Of course Target, J. Crew, and Gap always have great options, but these options are hidden gems. Without further adue, I give you my best 5 holiday pajama suggestions!

1. Hanna Anderson 

From Starwars to reindeers and yetis to elves, this pajama line has a wide variety of adorable cotton long johns for your kiddo. With tons of patterns and colors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with any of their pajamas!

Photo from Hanna Anderson.com

2. June and January

I got the chance to work with June and January and shoot some behind the scenes videos of their new products and became obsessed with their clothes! These pajamas are great options if you just want fun jammies that you can mix and match year round. Grab holiday colored ones or any of the other bold fun colors that they have. Their clothes are meant to be fun, comfortable, play clothes made for all the various activities of kids and playtime.


Photo from June and January Instagram – click photo for link

3. RH Baby and Child (Click gifts, then pajamas)

These pajamas are a little more muted and clean with their patterns. Their pale gray pajamas would look so good with the white background that I have for my mini sessions. I also LOVE them paired with their adorable furry slippers as well!

Photo by RH baby and child

4. Beaufort Bonnet Company

I’ve been following this brand on Instagram for a while and I’m so obsessed with their extra festive cotton pajamas. The have several holiday patterns that are so playful and adorable! I think my personal favorite is a design with a red truck with a tree in the trunk – it is so. cute.

Photo from Beaufort Bonnet Company

5. Burt’s Bee’s Family Sets

I had no idea Burt’s Bee’s made pajamas much less matching family pajamas! There so so many cute options for all ages, and their patterns are simple designs that I think you could re-wear year round or each holiday season.

Photo from Burts Bees Baby


Also, they don’t have to be holiday PJ’s! Fun summery ones like the ones these cute sisters wore are a great option too.

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