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Love Be Letters :: 3 Years of Marriage

Love Be Letters

June 14, 2017

Love God, Love People.

For our marriage, this has been central from the very beginning. It’s not necessarily a mantra or spoken as a motivational quote, but more the underlining meaning in all that we love and all that we do. My husband, Robert, and I are both extroverts – like 100% extroverts. The people in our life have always been, well …our life. I believe one of the most beautiful ways God has worked in my life has been the people that have been placed next to us. When we are stressed, tired, been working long hours, we want to love on our people. When we’re down or in our head, spending time with a dozen or so teenagers and hearing about their week picks us up. Pouring into people is our love language, and man oh man have I loved three years of loving on others with Robert. I’m the adventurer and on-the-fly decision maker, happy to have him always secretly making a plan. He’s the cleaner and logistics king, thankful for my child like wonder and excitement. He’s constant, grounded, and dedicated, while I’m day-dreaming and typically overly optimistic about everything. We are very similar and very different all at the same time. We drive each other bonkers but the height of our annoyance is always met with a tickle fight, laughs and bear hugs. Loving others, taking care of others, understanding others is what helps us love each other better.

As I fell in love with Robert, I fell in love with wedding photography. This little business of mine started simply because I love people. Even more than that, I love when I’m able to fully capture people. Capture their personality, their love, and their relationship. Even my business name came from a desire to let love be as it is. Photography has given me a way to connect and get to know each of my clients and capture their unique personalities. Witnessing the start of so many beautiful marriages and meeting so many different people, molded my young little heart for real, beautiful, Christ-centered love. My business inspired me to have a beautiful marriage and my marriage inspires me to do my best and most beautiful work. Marriage reminds me of the power of photos to capture the start of a journey. It reminds me of the many people that surrounded us and danced with us. It reminds me of the large family that loves and supports us every day both near and afar and it reminds me of the vows we made and commitment we chose to make that day and every day since. So I tell my clients that. I tell them that I pray the images on the little drive I give them serve as a reminder for years to come. I tell them that they are legacy for their generation and the next and the next. They are a legacy for the unique love that they share and the unique ceremony and celebration that surrounds that love. So below I’ll share the photos that remind me most of every feeling of that day. The photos in my silver frames. The photos in the album on our coffee table that friends, guests, and family flip through when they visit. The photos that remind me of our love for each other and the great love others have for us.

So here’s to three years. Because somehow it works. I talk. He talks. We listen. We interrupt. We make fun of each other and we love each other, but at the end of the day it all comes down to love and people. Love God, Love People. It’s that simple. We work because at the end of the day, we know that as long as we can love each other and love others we’ll make it. Cheers to those doing the work to help preserve a legacy and preserve marriage and cheers to my hubby! Here’s to many more years of our love, my dear 🙂

Photos by the amazingly talented, kind and gracious Kelly Cummings of Spindle Photography. Also – and you can ask any friend, student in his ministry, family member, stranger wandering on our street.. really anyone – Robert is beyond obsessed with our video. He will randomly pull it up at work and show whoever is in his office and some days I come home and he has it up on the TV to watch ‘just because’. I don’t blame him and obviously we’re biased but it truly is the perfect recap of our day and our love.

Thanks to all the other AMAZING vendors involved: Photographer: Spindle Photography / Videographer: The Film Poets / Planner: Brittany Lott of Elle Affairs / Ceremony Venue: Trinity United Methodist Church / Reception Venue: Swann Lake Stables / Florist: Lillie’s / Caterer: Shindigs / Rentals: Event Rentals Unlimited / Lighting: Design Productions / Band: 2nd Coming / Watercolors: SArias Creates / Paper Products: Empress Stationery / Bridal Salon and Veil: Diane’s Formal Affair / Bride’s Jewelry and Getaway Shoes: Kate Spade / Hair Stylist: Lynze Prater of Click Salon / Makeup Artist: Lisa Phillips / Bride’s Shoes: Vera Wang / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Joanna August / Bridesmaid Dress Salon: Bella Bridesmaids / Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Below was our first look. This is one of the photos in a silver frame… So perfect shows our relationship and how I feel with him.

We had a travel journal that wrote in for each other when we were apart. Robert used it to proposal to me 🙂

Real life. My dress was the best and I just plopped down whenever and where ever – perfect comfy and perfectly happy!

Is this the best family selfie you’ve ever seen or what?!

Carol Harris of Lillie’s always does such beautiful and timeless floral work. The program below is my mom AKA S.Arias Creates very first wedding work!

Another photo I put in a silver frame for my dad. This moment melts me every time I see it and I’m forever grateful that Kelly saw and captured this quick, big moment.

I fell so in love with the photo below that I try to capture the same photo for my clients now when I can! There was so much joy walking down the isle catching eyes with all your favorite people in one room.

The canvas below my mom painted the week before our wedding because she ‘had a vision’ for it. It turned out beautiful but when she first presented the idea of a mural of myself  I must admit I was a little unsure. It was the moment I said ‘yes’ to the dress!

Yes, that it cotton candy as favors with the cutest crest made by Empress Stationery!

^ These two ladies mean the world to me and I will be forever grateful that they made my dream wedding possible.




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