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Love Be Letter :: Goals and Dreams!

Love Be Letters

May 26, 2017

About a year ago, I started noticing that I was seeing my weddings a little¬†differently. Let me first explain that my husband and my church is really to blame here ūüėČ When I upgraded to my first full frame camera, the Nikon D800, it just so happened that this camera also had great video capabilities. My husband and his boss started strongly requesting that I use this ‘fancy new camera’ to capture some video clips for them and create¬†some youth recap videos of their summer trips and adventures. I’ve always been a pretty quick learner and love learning new things, and I think this no pressure environment and requests made me more excited than scared to dive into something new. I saw this videography¬†as a new challenge and world to explore. ¬†After being taught the basics in Final Cut and watching too many youtube videos, I was pretty hooked. I choreographed and taught dance for years, and I loved playing off the unique musicality of a song. My years of dance¬†I think helped me have a good feel for my own editing rhythm and style. I truly believe this is when I started noticing God¬†weaving together¬†so many different passions and chapters of¬†my life together in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.

^ My latest youth recap video!

For three years I played and explored videography through my husbands youth ministry. As my passion grew, new avenues opened up for me to explore. 2.5  years ago a dear friend asked me to do video for her wedding. After rolling my eyes and saying no multiple times, her and her mom pushed knowing that the video work they had seen me do at their church would translate. I was not as confident but was persuaded to give it a go Рwarning that it might go horribly. Being a part of a wedding day in such a different role was so eye opening. I loved every minute of it and to this day I am still so honored by the huge amount of trust and potential they saw in my work Рbefore I could even see it for myself. From there, I did videography for one wedding a year, usually for friends. I decided to make my non-profit video business official and launched Love Moves Creative a year ago. I thought I finally had figured out how to successfully separate my curious passion for videography and story telling from my passion for wedding photography and story telling but it turned out God had bigger plans.

^ My first wedding video!

As the non-wedding video side of my business at¬†#lovemovescreative was growing, I started seeing moments on a wedding day that I¬†knew would be captured best by video. Not that the story couldn’t be told through photography, but that the story through both the photo and video lens would be even more complete. I voiced this thought to my mom and one or two close friends, and asked them to be in prayer about what this meant for me and for my business. I¬†was still too scared though to speak it to anyone for fear of what it might mean. I was afraid of the dreams that would result from this thought. I mean photography alone is A LOT of work. How would it work to do photography and videography? Could I do both on the same day? What would that look like? Am I crazy? Also, there are tons of amazing videographers that I am so happy to work with at so many of my weddings – why do I need to do videography?! Who am I to think about doing both?!

While all of these thoughts were¬†running through my head some crazy things happened. I had a good friend, who had been growing her videography skill set over the last few years, reach out to me. She knew I didn’t do a ton of weddings but wanted to help with any work I had coming up. I felt a nudge and admitted¬†to her that I had been thinking about offering both photo and video, but I knew I needed someone I could trust to walk with me as I stepped out into trying it for the first time. Literally within the same month,¬†I met with two¬†brides early in 2016 and each of them asked if I offered videography along with photography. With each sweet bride I confessed that I had been thinking about it and had experience in both separately but I hadn’t yet tried it out. They responded with excitement and belief and trust in my work – that I didn’t even have proof of – and confidently accepted to be my firsts guinea pigs.¬†Without all of those moments happening within the same few weeks, I don’t know that I would have followed this dream. God truly lined up answers to all the ‘what – ifs’ and questions I had, and I felt a calling towards fear. Fear that would lead to¬†new dreams and new ideas and new possibilities.

 ^ My most recent wedding video!

I had a few months to think through and make a new ‘wedding day photo + video plan’ and I asked for a lot of prayers before my first guinea pig weddings in the fall of 2016. I have now done four photo and video weddings and I like to think I’ve learned lessons and grown with each one. My clients’ trust meant the world to me, and their belief in me, my team and our work inspired and continues to inspire me so much. Being able to offer my clients¬†this option has been so amazing, but the work load that comes with this is no joke. So …. what does that mean for Love Be clients in 2018 and beyond? I have¬†decided to offer one photo + video package a month to future clients! I always want to make sure I can give each¬†client my full attention. Due to the workload that comes with producing my best¬†photo and video work for my clients, I learned that one photo + video wedding a month is what myself and my Love Be team¬†can commit to presently. I apologize for the many words here and over explanation of¬†this announcement and decision. It was important to me for others to see the way God has been working to bring me to this decision, and to tell those that have been listening to me wrestle with all this how grateful I am for their encouragement and support. I feel like somehow speaking this big decision/dream/goal into the world will help me fight fear to see all the beautiful things waiting for Love Be and my clients on the other side.

Thanks for reading, friends! Now time to pop the champagne, celebrate, and tell all your friends!

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