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I love unscripted moments that cannot be planned. Those images will be honored by those in the frame as well as those looking at that frame for years to come. May you find those moments and images here. 


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Charleston Engagement Session :: KJ & Austin


May 9, 2017

Photographing KJ and Austin felt like catching up with old friends. I like to think it’s the sisterly connection we have through our national sorority, Chi Omega. Especially since these two were set up by Katelyn’s cousin and Chi Omega big sister, Ansley, and Katelyn also works as a National Consultant for Chi O #gochio. Ansley introduced them Austin’s freshmen year and Katelyn’s sophomore year, and they became best friends pretty quick.

You have to read more about how Austin officially asked KJ to be his here:

Back in October 2015, Austin had planned a romantic weekend in Charleston, full of lots of activities and ending with a proposal at The Battery. Unfortunately, a little thing called Hurricane Joaquin prevented his plan from coming to fruition. Katelyn was none the wiser and simply stayed positive about the time they had together to relax and hang out at home in Columbia instead. On Saturday night, Austin told Katelyn that they needed to start getting ready for dinner. Trying to be helpful and sly, Austin appeared with an outfit from the closet, “Here wear this! I’ve got reservations for dinner for us!” What Katelyn did not know is that just a few weeks prior, Austin had flown to Indiana for 24 hours to ask her dad for permission and while he was there, he and Katelyn’s mom picked out her favorite dress and accessories to match. Katelyn travels often for work and thought nothing of outfit and they headed out for dinner.

They ended up at an amazing, well known restaurant in Columbia called Al’s Upstairs. They were seated at a table with the best view of the city (later discovering that it was called the proposal table). They had an incredible meal and just before Katelyn asked if Austin was ready to go he said, “Yes, but first I have a question that I need to ask you.” Austin got down on one knee and Katelyn went into complete shock and awe (from pure joy of course!). Luckily, there was a woman from New York in the restaurant with a VERY distinct accent and her words, “Oh my gawd, Oh my gawd, OH MY GAWD!” broke Katelyn out of her trance just in time to catch the last line of Austin’s speech: “The last two and a half years have been amazing. I am wondering if you would do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?” Katelyn said yes and the restaurant erupted in applause! Afterwards, they face-timed all of their friends and family with the exciting news. Austin’s response to the Charleston plans falling through and deciding to continue the proposal with a different plan was simple: “I just could not let Katelyn get on a plane one more time without being engaged to her!”

I mean, could it get any cuter?!?! Yes, it did. At their engagement session in Charleston! I’m so excited to look back on this adorable session as we prep for their Charleston wedding this weekend. We are all SO ready to get these two married 🙂

Go Gamecocks!!! #adorable





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