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Love Be Letters

April 4, 2017

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I am just getting back from a travel whirlwind. First, I had a 48 hour weekend in New Orleans then a few days later left for some time in Nashville followed by a Texas tour. I have some exciting projects that I was involved with in Tennessee and Texas, but I will share more about later!

This Love Be Letter is all about my favorite places in New Orleans! The whole purpose of the weekend was to photograph some engagement photos for an adorable couple getting married there this October. It was so great being able to photograph them in the middle of all the New Orleans action in Jackson Square as well as walk through their rehearsal dinner and wedding venues talking about their wedding. It was so fun watching it start to sink in with them as the reality and nearness of their wedding hit them 🙂 It was an extra special treat to have my husband be able to join me as well. It’s not often he can get away for a weekend trip like this so we both loved getting some extra time together exploring the city and eating way too much food.

It’s such a blessing when time and life works out to make the most out of a quick work trip. I think we forget how easy it is to step away and pause the to-do lists to make time life. Working for yourself can easily lead to working 7 days a week, but I’ve learned that a fine balance between work and life makes you do your best work for your clients and be your best self for your those you love. I still struggle with this balance, but I’ve become a big believer making the most of any opportunity. While it might stress some people out to merge the two, I highly recommend it 😉 Weekend getaways are easier than you think!

Here is was our travel list for those that are looking for any New Orleans recommendations! We started the weekend with breakfast at the Ruby Slipper Cafe. I had tried to go there on past trips, but the line was too long (travel note: there will always be a line). We got there soon after they opened and only had to wait about 30-45 min. Let me tell you… worth every minute of the wait! Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, we obviously had to start the day with an Irish coffee 😉 For our meal, I had the shrimp and grits and my husband choose the ‘peacemaker’ with one pork and one fried chicken biscuit.  We were a part of the clean plate club so much so that we didn’t have an appetite for lunch. We walked through and around Jackson Square soaking up the craziness and fun of NOLA and scouting spots for my engagement session.

This is a sneak peak at the reception location for this couples’ wedding in October. My photography, heirloom, history loving heart was bursting! More to come from this cute session soon, I promise!

After the engagement session, we headed to bourbon street so I could show Robert my favorite bar, the Carousel Bar. I like this bar because it has a little bit more of a calm vibe, which is rarely found on bourbon street, and there is a working carousel that is a bar and rotates very slowly- how cool is that?! We ended the night with a wonderful dinner at Tableau where I feel in love with their adorable court yard. #goals

Our last day was spent in the Garden District. We started with brunch at Atchafalaya, and it’s clearly a popular spot. It had a line before it even opened. After, we enjoyed driving and walking through the garden district picking out our favorite historic homes before heading home.

Now, time to plan your getaway!



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