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Five gift ideas for your Bridesmaids

Wedding Tips

February 13, 2017


Your bridesmaids are the girls that have loved, laughed, and supported you most through all your boy troubles. They are the ones who threatened to beat up the jerks you dated before you met your wonderful groom-to-be, and they will be the ones crying through speeches and dancing hip to hip celebrating you finally marring Mr.Right. Spending money on your girls can be easyyyy but, as a former bride, I understand the importance of staying in budget. I’m here to offer some advice on how to spoil your maids (splurgebut I also wanted to give you some tips on how you can save some pennies as well (simple).


From an early age, many girls think about, talk about, and dream about the friends that will be standing next to them when they say their “I do’s.” Especially in the south, this is truly an honor in every way. It’s an honor to the bride to have each girl’s friendship, and it’s an honor to the bridesmaids to play such an important part of the day.

SIMPLE: You can use a card like this one from Rifle Paper Co. or contact a local stationary designer to create a card set for you saying “Will you be my bridesmaid?” This $16 set of 8 is a very affordable, yet still a very personal and special way to pop the question to your bridesmaids. The more adult we get the more we love getting non-bill mail, so I love this option! I chose this option when asking my gals and took time to write a lengthy note on the inside about what it would mean for each of my friends to stand my me on my wedding day.

SPLURGE: Teak and Twine offers a beautiful and thoughtful bridesmaid gift box that you can send to your gals! This box is full of goodies guaranteed to spoil your best friends and show them how much you love and appreciate them. There is an option to write a note that will be included in the box so it still has a personal touch from you.


These trips are meant to have a fun way to celebrate and hang out with all your girls together. Most brides have friends from high school, college, work, etc. and having a trip dedicated to introducing all your closest friends is what is the most important part of these girlfriend weekend getaways. I think this trip is more about the girl time, laughs and fun and less about the gifts.

SIMPLE: Are you having a mountain getaway for your bachelorette weekend? Did you know the dollar store has coffee cups? You can head there or Walmart and grab your gals some coffee cups for a cozy cabin weekend. You can put travel size lotion, advil, minis, and other fun small items in the mug. You could add socks or sunglasses depending on your getaway theme. If a beach bash is more your style, you can gift your gals along the same lines. Grab some cheap water bottles from the dollar bin at target or from the dollar store, and add the same small items. After all, hydration or die-dration right? My favorite dollar store buys for my own beach bachelorette weekend were flamingo and palm tree drink floaties and a pack or two of tropical straws. If you want to personalize each cup and feel like tackling a DIY project, check out this cute blog post with instructions on how to do yourself.

Photo via Oh Happy Day Party Shop

SPLURGE: Yall. My obsession with the company Bando is a problem, so if you haven’t heard of them let me introduce you to fun. Bando has everything to make the perfect recipe for a killer bachelorette celebration! Just look at photos below from their instagram… pizza pool floats, fanny packs, towels, disco ball drink cups, emoji pins, balloons – they have ALL THE FUN! Instead of a dollar store water bottle you splurge and can get your ladies a cute swell bottle or water bottle from bando and gift it with any one of their cute totes. While ‘bride tripe’ ‘team bride’ or your wedding hashtag are cute things to monogram on a canvas tote for your bridesmaids, try and think about something else cute that they could continue using after the weekend. Maybe a simple pineapple or cute quote or personalize it with each girl’s name. Seeing friends continue using gifts I’ve given makes me so happy! It shows me that not only do they love it and think it’s cute but it is useful too!


Chances are your bridesmaids will help host a shower or two for you. Depending on how many hostesses you have, these gifts can get costly quick, but I know most brides still want to make sure to adequately thank those that went to lots of trouble planning, cleaning, and showering you with love!

SIMPLE: DIY is your friend here. You can take ingredients and make recipes in a jar, bake cookies, or make bath salts to gift them – pinterest has all the answers for any of those items. The target dollar bin always has adorable baskets that you can grab to put all your little pieces in together and dress up your treats a little. I love this blog, Boxwood Avenue, that shares different recipes for scrubs, bath salts, and, my favorite, caramel sauce. My grandmother knows how to sew, so we made alabama hand towels for each hostess (seen rolled up below) and gifted them with other little Alabama goodies. Each time I gave it and told them our family hand made the basket of goodies and my grandmother made the towel, people melted. It was so special to give something that was so personal both to me and to them 🙂 After all, it is the thought that counts, right?


SPLURGE: William Sonoma does gift baskets as well and does all the work for you. You can check out their website and order or head to a store and talk with someone about what type of basket you’re looking for. I think it’s cute and thoughtful to gift a basket similar to the theme of the shower. Is it a fiesta shower? Maybe a bar set like the one below would be a good gift. Is it a kitchen shower? They have the cutest pasta gift set (see below). They have a really nice soap and guest towel set that can be ordered with the initial of each hostess. Anytime you can personalize a gift it adds an extra special touch of thoughtfulness. This blog post also shows similar themed baskets that you can make yourself by collecting items at Homegoods.



There are endless options for you bridesmaids on the wedding day. Since the getting ready process on a wedding day is longer for the ladies, it’s important to think gifts that your bridesmaids can enjoy for the getting ready portion of the day.

SIMPLE: Some simple ways to shower your bridesmaids as your getting ready is to gift some little items. Sugarfina has all kinds of ‘grown up candy’ that I love to gift to friends. The champagne bubbles seen below and champagne gummy bears are my favorite, but feel free to order samples from their website and taste test yourself ;]. You can also give your bridesmaids a mini champagne bottle for them to sip on while they get ready. Feel free to dress it up with labels that you print at home, spray paint them gold, or tie with a ribbon. Another gift idea that a former bride of mine gifted was mini photo books of her and each bridesmaid. It was so sweet and personal! Parabo offers all kinds of printing options at an affordable price, and you can order from your phone or online.

SPLURGE: Hands down my favorite thing I splurged on for my bridesmaids were these Plum Pretty Sugar PJ sets. My personal opinion was that while I love a good robe at home, I wanted something I didn’t have to worry about adjusting or fooling with while getting ready. The ‘shortie’ PJ sets were perfect! There is a variety of patterns to choose from to match your wedding day colors, and this company offers all kinds of PJ sets, robes, and dresses. These did shrink a little so I would order a size up from what you or your bridesmaids typically wear. Whether you decide on a robe or PJ set, it’s important to think about sizes for each of your bridesmaids. Most robes aren’t truly ‘one size fits all’ and your friends will be more comfortable and confident when these fit them well.


Picking out wedding day gifts for your bridesmaids is so easy and fun! Most brides think about how they might want to complete the look of their wedding through what their bridesmaids wear, but I think it’s also important to remember what is best serving your bridesmaids long term. It’s so easy to get caught up in the colors and details and what your wedding will look like, but remember to be thoughtful and intentional about what they wear and can use again.

SIMPLE: Jewelry is also a great gift for your bridesmaids. Not only does it complete the look of all of your bridesmaids, but it helps them not have to search for something on their on. The simpler the jewelry the better, unless you are personalizing for each bridesmaid. A simple drop necklace or drop earrings that are neutral allow your bridesmaids to re-wear them again and again after the wedding day. If your wedding is in the winter, a pashmina is always a great gift! I have seen brides give monogrammed pashminas, and it helped everyone keep track of their scarfs a little easier throughout the wedding. If you want a simple way to dress up or gift your jewelry, you can type up a cute little saying, print on card-stock, cute two slits, hang the necklace on the paper and tape the necklace on the back. You can see an example below from when I gifted a necklace to bridesmaids!

SPLURGE: There are all types of ways to help out with the financial cost that a bridesmaid takes on for your wedding day. While most bridesmaids are happy to take this on, a big splurge and thoughtful gift to your bridesmaids is to cover part or all of the cost of their dress. Another option is to pay for or help pay for hair and make up costs on the wedding day. While these aren’t physical gifts, they help so appreciation and make them feel beautiful and confident throughout the day! If you want to give a physical gift, Kate Spade is my choice. Especially if you have a smaller bridal party, these gifts are great options for your maids. Any of their jewelry would be much loved, but Kate Spade also has an entire bridesmaid gift section. I think the important part again is to think of each of your bridesmaids and what would be meaningful to them. One of my brides lived in London, but grew up in Birmingham. Her bridesmaids gifts included flight vouchers to go towards a plane ticket to come visit her. All of her bridesmaids teared up at the thoughtfulness of this gift. It was so much more than a monetary gift; it was a gift of time together after the wedding and a gift to their friendship.


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  1. Britt Hyatt

    February 22nd, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    Oh, I wish I would’ve had this blog post when I got married five years ago! <3 This is really valuable and brides should definitely take note!

  2. Elizabeth Mayberry

    February 23rd, 2017 at 12:20 am

    All these are so great! I love the pool floaties! How fun!?!?

  3. chloe | boxwood avenue

    March 15th, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    These are all such beautiful ideas! Thank you so much for including my sugar scrub!

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