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Love Be Ballerinas :: Millie Grace

Love Be Ballerinas

December 23, 2016

I have been dancing since I could walk. Growing up my dance studio, we did it all – ballet, tap, jazz, clogging (oh ya), hip hop, and lyrical. Lyrical was always my favorite but as I got older I learned to appreciate to strength of ballet and the challenge to always be growing and learning and pushing your body. I ended up dancing through college and after college missed dance and ballet so much. After three years of not having dance in my life, I decided that teaching ballet might be a way to have a piece of dance again. So this year I taught a 5 year old ballet class. It’s adorable and fun and challenging at times 😉 but I still miss the big, graceful movements of trained ballet dancers. Thus, the Love Be Ballerina sessions were born. I’ve followed along with Abby Grace Photography’s ballerina sessions and loved her beautiful work. They are very much inspiration to me and I can’t wait to do more of this personal work in the new year.

Millie Grace was our very first Love Be Ballerina and she was such a trooper dancing in the cold weather. Isn’t she stunning?! Her dance lines are beautiful and I was so blown away by her graceful and stunning beauty. Huge thanks to Lynsey Richardson for her always stunning hair and make up and heart for what she does. She and I will be working together for these sessions and we both can’t wait to do more! If you are interested in being a Love Be Ballerina, email me!


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